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The Massachusetts School Psychologists Association is dedicated to promote appropriate mental health and educational services to meet the many and varied needs of children, families and their communities. In order to achieve this aim, the Massachusetts School Psychologists Association advocates for children’s needs, informs the public of the value of school psychological services, provides continued professional development and conducts research.

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Welcoming, Safe, and Gender Inclusive Schools:

NASP and Gender Spectrum recently published a set of four FAQs designed to help guide the efforts of educators to ensure schools are welcoming, safe, and gender inclusive. Topics covered include gender basics and terminology; child development and research; counseling and supporting students and families; and policy, law, and practice. See: Gender Inclusive Schools FAQs. 

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MSPA Spring 2017 Conference

Morning Session: ESSA: Implications for the Practice of School Psychology

By: John Kelly, Ph.D. NASP President-elect

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) presents significant opportunity to increase access to comprehensive school psychological services and to advance the role of school psychologists to help improve student outcomes. The voice of leadership of school psychologists will be critical to ensuring that states' ESSA implementation efforts reflect best practice and equal opportunity for all students. This worksop will familiarize participants with various elements of ESSA and information to enhance the practice of school psychology. 

Goals of the presentation:

  1. Identify opportunities for school psychologists  in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  2. Describe where to locate NASP ESSA resources
  3. Develop key messages for local ESSA involvement
  4. Better understand the "crosswalk" between ESSA and school psychological practices

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