MSPA Through The Years

1956- MSPA established

1961- MSPA adopted its Articles of Incorporation and gained non-profit status 

1980- MSPA supported Senate Bill 276 which provided tenure for school psychologists 

1985- The house bill 569 licensed school psychologists due to the efforts of MSPA

1986- MSPA added the Western Chapter

1989- First NASP Convention in Boston

1995- MSPA created the first strategic plan

1996- MSPA goes online, commissioned a website

2000- MSPA started offering mock interviews for graduate students

2002- MSPA's first Public Relations publications: ‘A Guide to Your Child’s Psychological           Evaluation’ for parents¨; “10 Innovative Examples of How Massachusetts School       Psychologists are Making¨, ¨Our Schools More Effective,” and ¨The Changing World       of the School Psychologist¨

2005- MSPA initiated a diversity scholarship, awarded yearly

2009- MSPA initiated an online course in Ethics

2010- MSPA sponsored the film “Children Left Behind¨ by Dr. Louis Kruger 

2020- MSPA Board Member Wendy Price, PsyD is elected NASP President

2022- NASP Convention returns to Boston

2023- MSPA will host the ISPA Convention

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