Mission Statement

The Massachusetts School Psychologists Association is dedicated to promote appropriate mental health and educational services to meet the many and varied needs of children, families and their communities. In order to achieve this aim, the Massachusetts School Psychologists Association advocates for children’s needs, informs the public of the value of school psychological services, provides continued professional development and conducts research.

Executive Board

Matthew DuBois, Ph.D, NCSP


Andrew Nickerson, M.Ed. Ed.S., NCSP
Vice President

Dana Engle, M.Ed

Samantha Rivers, M.Ed, Ed.S, NCSP

Ashley Niggl Aguiar, CAGS, NCSP
Past President

Andria Amador, CAGS, NCSP
NASP Delegate

About MSPA

The Massachusetts School Psychologists Association was established to advance school psychology as both a science and a profession, with the ultimate goal of providing and promoting learning, human welfare and dignity in schools within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The objectives of the association include stimulating and advancing quality education for all students through the development of sound educational programs based on psychological research and to promote the emotional and social development and psychological well-being of all students in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In addition, MSPA works to promote and advance interests and concerns of Massachusetts Department of Education Licensed School Psychologists, to provide a forum to exchange ideas, seek solutions to common problems and advance the professional growth of school psychologists.

Want to know more about school psychology as a profession? Check out this infographic from the National
Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

MSPA Conflict of Interest Policy

MSPA places great importance on ensuring the continued confidence and trust of its members and the public at large. Among other things, and in that regard, MSPA requires that any action taken by members of its Board of Directors, its officers, or its committee members be free from even the appearance of impropriety and free from any conflict of interest.

Specifically, MSPA prohibits any MSPA: (i) member of the Board of Directors; (ii) officer; or (iii) committee member from participating in and decision-making process or approval of any ventures or activities that are sanctioned or sponsored by MSPA and for which such individual may gain an economic benefit.

In addition, before recusing himself or herself from said decision-making process, the individual must fully disclose to MSPA every and all economic benefit that the individual may expect to receive as a result of the venture or activity and must provide MSPA’s President and MSPA’s Executive Board with full copies of any contracts, agreements, or other documents with third parties that relate to such ventures or activities.

Adopted by the MSPA Board, December 9, 2015, Newton, MA.

Adapted from the NASP Conflict of Interest Policy

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