Diversity Recruitment & Mentoring Initiative

The Massachusetts School Psychology Association is committed to the recruitment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) practitioners in the field. We acknowledge that there can be many financial and educational barriers to the application process. The Diversity Committee is disrupting these barriers through the MSPA Diversity Recruitment and Mentoring Initiative (DRMI). We ask that you, a CLD prospective student interested in a Massachusetts School Psychology program, apply to this program.

This program will provide the following benefits:

  • Structured informational sessions that inform you of the application process of each MA School Psychology program
  • Ongoing mentoring opportunities that include selecting school psychology programs to apply to, review of all your application materials
  • Financial support to cover the purchasing of GRE studying materials and test-taking
  • Financial support to cover application fees
This program asks that you commit to the following:
  • Provide accurate information on the application
  • Apply to at least two Massachusetts School Psychology Programs
  • Attend all four meetings in-person (if there are travel restrictions consult with program directors to attend electronically or get a ride)
  • Commit to meeting with mentor on the mentoring check-in schedule
  • Submit all drafts and final application materials on the timeline prescribed by the program
  • Commit to the timeline of taking tests or classes prerequisite to applying to School Psychology programs

Application Information

Application currently opened until November 16. After that date, please check back on January 2023. Continue to utilize the following resources and look out for upcoming recruitment events:

Interested in applying? Click here to express interest in the program and talk with a program representative

Click here for our virtual information session

Click here to complete the online application

If you have any questions about the program or eligibility, please reach out to us at mspa.diversity@gmail.com.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our pilot Diversity Recruitment and Mentoring Iniative Pilot students Linlin Pang and Chantal Thomas!! Together, these students were accepted into FIVE Massachusetts School Psychology Programs. We are incredibly proud of them and know they will do great things in the field of school psychology.


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